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Best Gift for Your Dad this Father’s Day 2020

It’s a Home Solar Power System

Father’s Day 2020 is just around the corner, arriving on the 21st of June 2020 (Sunday).

If you are tearing your hair about what to get for the FIRST man of your life, look no further.

The best gift you can get your dad this Father’s Day of 2020, is none other than…

A Home Solar Power System


3 Great Reasons Why A Home Solar Power System is the Best Gift for Your Dad this Father’s Day 2020

It Helps Your Daddy Save Money

On the utility bills

Utility rates are set to rise, so unless your daddy enjoys throwing money to the wind, getting a home solar power system would be perfect for your dad.

The sun is a free source of energy, and tapping into the sun for energy is not just an energy-saving no-brainer, you are literally converting the sun’s rays into cash, so that your dad’s money can be channelled somewhere else, like passing it to you after he is gone with the wind.

In which case you can set up a windmill to capture him again, to convert him into cash.

Your Dad Might Even Make Money

By selling back the power

The good thing about getting a home solar power system, is that your dad – instead of being just a consumer of electrical power – becomes a producer of electrical power.

And in instances where his home solar power system is producing more power than what he can actually consume – well, he is biting off more than he can chew – don’t worry.

Depending on which state he lives in, he might actually be able to sell the excess power back to the power grid.

Your Dad Will Create Good Karma

By saving the earth

Solar power is an abundant resource, and is not reliant on fossil fuels to create.

By adopting solar power, your dad will be reducing his household’s carbon footprint, saving trees, reducing emissions of greehouse gases, and getting deluded that he has done his part saving the environment.

Because he is not the one who has done his part; YOU have, because you helped him switch to solar.

So do you want to create good karma for yourself, while deluding your dad into thinking that he is creating good karma?

Well, help him switch to solar.

Alright, I am Ready to Get the Best Gift for My Dad this Father’s Day 2020

Who do I look for?

Where home solar power systems are concerned, these guys are the best.

Suntuity Solar.

You can get started with $0 down (I’ll let the good guys at Suntuity Solar do the explanation).

Click on the image below to get taken to their page.

If you are a homeowner, find out how much you are eligible to save every month. Just fill out a brief online questionnaire so that one of our Solar Experts can qualify you with a free phone or video consultation: #SuntuitySavings

Hey, Why are You Still Reading?

Take action now and everyone will be walking on sunshine!

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