Results to COVID-19 Giveaway

Results to COVID-19 Giveaway

The Winner Board

Thank you for your patience, everyone.

I took a while.

But the results are finally out.

For those who took part in the COVID-19 Giveaway, here’s the list of winners.

Winners of the COVID-19 Giveaway

You win because you took action

Heather Fenner
Felicia Chinwo

Congratulations on winning! You will receive an email detailing how you can redeem the Amazon gift card that I have promised you.

Why Are There So Few Winners?

Are you taking us for a ride?

No, I am not.

Once again, the same problem is surfacing: participants are not verifying their email addresses.

As with all contests, the number of winners must ALWAYS be a fixed percentage of the total number of qualified participants.

An unverified email address is an unqualified participant.

Due to this, there can only be 3 winners for the COVID-19 Giveaway.

Congrats to all the winners! For those who didn’t win, don’t worry about it. There will always be a next round.

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