The COVID-19 Lockdown Giveaway

A little bit of happiness for readers of this website during these times of doom and gloom

It’s tough and rough out there. Man, a COVID-19 lockdown?

What’cha gonna do for the next few weeks?

For me, the answer is clear. I’m gonna be bonking my partner every day till I get shagged out, and bonk her every other day thereafter since I’m shagged out.

But how about in the meantime?

You can’t be bonking day and night. (Well, I can), so we need something to fill our time in between.

How about a good old giveaway?

I like to spread cheer in the midst of doom and gloom, which is so lacking in the world today.

So for this next half a month, stand a chance to win US$10 in Amazon gift cards. Not a lot, but enough to spread some cheer?

I am giving out 10 prizes altogether, so what have you got to lose?

Take part via the form below.

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