Creative Valentine's Day Gifts for an MMA Boyfriend (2020)

Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for an MMA Boyfriend (2020)

Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for an MMA Boyfriend who kicks, punches and grapples anyone who stands in his way.

The love and sweetness of Valentine’s Day can hardly be associated with the likes of half-naked men beating the crap out of each other in the Octagon© (copyright UFC).

Should your boyfriend be one of those warrior types, lady, you’re in luck.

If you’ve read my previous post about Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Gym Rat boyfriend, you’d have known by now that I am old school – I would rather men to be rugged, tough and a real bad-ass than to be those Sensitive New Age Guys who don’t get that part of their duty involves protecting the women they love.

To read my previous post about Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Gym Rat boyfriend,

So what should you get as Valentine’s Day gifts this year for a bad-ass boyfriend? Here, my friend, are some kick-ass ideas.

If your boyfriend happens to be not-so kick-ass, you might still want to buy the suggested gifts below, so that you can hint to him that you prefer him to be bad-ass.

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MMA Boyfriend Gift Idea #1: MMA Gloves

Central and basic to all MMA fights is that pair of MMA gloves.

“Are they different from boxing gloves?” you ask.

Of course they are.

Boxing gloves are made to punch, while MMA gloves allow for punches, grappling and a host of submission manoeuvres.

Due to the very rough nature of MMA-training and matches, it is best if you get a better-quality glove than a cheap one.

Confused about which ones to get? Check the options below:

MMA Boyfriend Gift Idea #2: Punching Bags

It’s all about kicking, punching and take-downs. And if your boyfriend is hard core, he may never get enough of the kicking, punching and take-downs.

To set the record straight, there’s no way to take care of the take-downs, unless you’re an MMA fighter yourself.

But you can cater to his thirst for more kicking and punching by getting him a punching bag.

Trust me: you don’t want to play that role.

MMA Boyfriend Gift Idea #3: MMA Mouthguards

Imagine taking up to 3000 lbs worth of force in a singular punch.

That will be a knockout for most folks out there.

But MMA fighters have to stand up and continue the fight.

The head trauma we’re talking about here is immeasurable.

But since MMA rules dictate that the head cannot be protected, we should at least make sure that their teeth are.

And therefore the mouthguard.

If you love your MMA boyfriend, you will want to ensure that your boyfriend gets the maximum protection possible.

The mouthguard is the protection.

MMA Boyfriend Gift Idea #4: Kettlebell

All sports demand a sportsperson to be at their optimal in terms of their fitness levels.

Where MMA is concerned, we ain’t talking about optimal, but the maximal.

Each round of an MMA fight lasts for 5 minutes, and in that 5 minutes, MMA fighters are expected to be quick, nimble and powerful.

If your boyfriend is an MMA fighter, he will need to stay fit all the time.

Which means that a daily regiment of physical fitness routines is a must.

He needs a stringent but easy-to-execute routine.

Kettlebells will do the trick.

MMA Boyfriend Gift Idea #5: Pay-Per-View UFC Fights

A true martial artist can never get enough of his craft.

As an MMA fighter, your boyfriend is expected to eat, sleep, breathe MMA.

That will ensure his success as a fighter, and long-term survivability as a human.

Besides training, your boyfriend will probably want to watch others fight, unless of course, he is the main contender for the night.

And in the MMA arena, nothing beats the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

If your boyfriend is serious in his MMA aspirations, the UFC will be his Carnegie Hall of fighting.

As he makes his way there, perhaps you two can enjoy an evening together, watching others fight. Pay-Per-View UFC Fights are available on Amazon Prime Video.

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