Creative Valentine's Day Gifts for a Gym Rat Boyfriend

Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Gym Rat Boyfriend (2020)

What to give as Valentine’s Day gifts to a boyfriend who spends all his time pounding weights in a gym.

Unlike geeks and gamers, gym rats are a totally different breed altogether. They spend all their time in the gym huffing and puffing, so that they can squeeze out every iota of muscle available to their totally buffed bodies.

These are not the make-believe types, who fantasise about the ripped bodies they can potentially get by immersing themselves in a make-believe world. Instead, these are the men who will do what it takes to get what they want.

If you happen to have a gym rat boyfriend, please don’t grouse too much. (Obviously, I am supportive of their efforts.) Their constant huffing and puffing would soon (or perhaps already) get you huffing and puffing in bed, and you would soon (or perhaps already) be basking in the glow of having an absolutely ripped boyfriend who would spare no effort in ravaging every inch of your equally hot body.

Gym Rat's Valentine
You would be a happy girl.

So what counts as creative Valentine’s Day gifts for a gym rat boyfriend in 2020?

Here are some ideas.

Valentine’s Day (2020) Gift Idea #1: Whey Protein

Want your guy to possess bigger muscles so that you can feel the smooth and groove of his body?

Well, if that’s the case, you need to get him whey protein. Whey protein supplementation along with resistance exercise can help improve muscle protein synthesis and promote the growth of lean tissue mass.

Which means you get a leaner, bigger and a meaner bad-ass boyfriend who will be taking you under his arm and his buffed body. But what’s there to complain? You get to see his abs…

And where whey protein is concerned, Optimum Nutrition is a strong contender in the field. It is the preferred brand for die-hard gym rats, so if you get one for your boyfriend, you will die hard under his rock-hard body.

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Valentine’s Day (2020) Gift Idea #2: Weighted Vests

As if hitting the gym isn’t enough, some guys want to train even in the comfort of their own homes. If that’s the case, a weighted vest might do the job.

Weighted vests come in different weight classes so you might want to consider how strong your boyfriend is, or how strong you want him to be.

To see the different weight classes, please refer to the ads from Amazon below.

Oh. What is a weighted vest? It’s a vest your boyfriend puts on to add weight to his body so that he can use his body as a natural resistance machine.

Valentine’s Day (2020) Gift Idea #3: Training Belt

A sturdy belt can make a whole world of difference between feeling like a wuss, or a superhero in the gym. Is your boyfriend a warrior or a sissy?

Give him the right stuff and he will be the right stuff.

Training belts give support when your boyfriend lifts heavy. You want to be his backbone, don’t you? Since that is technically and biologically impossible, training belts are the next best thing you can give to him.

Valentine’s Day (2020) Gift Idea #4: Dumbbells

Need I explain anymore? Your boyfriend is a gym rat; dumbbells are his thing.

He lives to pump iron; give him some iron, the heavier the better.

And since he associates with iron so much, is he Iron Man?

Valentine’s Day (2020) Gift Idea #5: Home Gym Station

What can I say? Maybe your boyfriend is hanging in the gym too much, and he is hardly around you.

And since you can’t take him away from the gym, you might as well bring the gym to him.

And you’ll get to spend hours assembling the home gym station together. How’s that for a bonding, not bondage, exercise?

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