Results to the Great Christmas (2019) Giveaway

Results to the Great Christmas (2019) Giveaway

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Hi Everyone

Merry Christmas, everybody!

In this merry season of love, joy and giving, allow me to announce the results of the Great Christmas (2019) Giveaway.

For those who paid attention, the giveaway was launched on the 1st of December, 2019.

The original intention was to pick 3 lucky winners from the pool of participants.

However, due to the number of emails that remain unverified, and incomplete – or somewhat erroneous entries (e.g. you input your email as your name) – we were unable to give out as many prizes as we wish to.

So Dawn Jozwiak, you have emerged the sole winner of this Great Christmas (2019) Giveaway. Congratulations! Please look out for an email from Amazon whom we have purchased our gift card from. The email will contain information as to how you can redeem your prize of US$10.

The winner of the Great Christmas (2019) Giveaway is Dawn Jozwiak!

Richard Luslonger, 27 December 2019

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