Creative Valentine's Day Gifts for a Gamer Boyfriend (2020)

Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Gamer Boyfriend (2020)

There’s something about gamer boyfriends that I really can’t, don’t and never hope to catch. I mean, the term gamer boyfriend is already an oxymoron, isn’t it?

Because in my mind, only guys who don’t have girlfriends indulge in games, and those with girlfriends in the likes of you should indulge in you.

So while I will do a post about creative Valentine’s Day gifts for a gamer boyfriend in 2020 ~ because it is my job ~ let me state this unequivocally that I disagree with buying gifts for a gamer boyfriend, simply because it will drive them deeper into the virtual worlds than the real one.

I mean, seriously, shouldn’t they be in love with the Shape of You instead of the shape of some ridiculously hot babe on the monitor?

But just in case you still insist on being a sucker for pain, and getting gifts to make your loser gamer boyfriend smile, here are some creative ~ and not so creative ~ gift ideas for a gamer boyfriend for Valentine’s Day 2020.

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Valentine’s Day (2020) Gift Idea #1: Gaming Desktop

How much computing power do we need for simple tasks like typing out a document, tracking our expenses in Excel, or even watching some good-old porn?

Not much.

In fact, much of our desktop computers – and our mobile phones and tablets – are underutilised. For the most of us, I mean.

For gamers, that’s hardly the case.

They demand all the processing power that’s available out there. With the fastest processor, most powerful graphics card, best cooling system, and whatnots.

If you have a hardcore gamer boyfriend, nothing else is going to make his heart smile broader other than a robust gaming system.

And that’s also when you have a lot of moolah to throw around.

Valentine’s Day (2020) Gift Idea #2: Gaming Keyboard

Gamers have different needs from normal people. While most of us are contented with keyboards that type, gamers need keyboards that produce clicky sounds, with Kevlar keycaps, that emit light of different hues, are spill-proof, huge and probably a lot more that we don’t understand.

If you have a gamer boyfriend, and you really love him, I guess you can splurge on him and get him a gaming keyboard: the one with everything: clicky, with Kevlar keycaps etc.

Valentine’s Day (2020) Gift Idea #3: Gaming Headsets

Like keyboards, your gamer boyfriend probably needs very special headsets. They need to hear every gunshot, every explosion, every footstep, every command, literally everything that happens in the gaming landscape.

But they can’t hear you calling out to him.

Good gaming headsets should also come with sensitive mics that pick up your boyfriend’s commands. I mean, he’s the commander of some special forces like the SEAL team; he needs superior comms; even if he is the fattest arse you can find in real life; well, at least he’s somebody in the virtual worlds right?

Valentine’s Day (2020) Gift Idea #4: Gaming Chair

Man, your boyfriend.

Even the chair has to be different. What’s wrong with your boyfriend?

Valentine’s Day (2020) Gift Idea #5: Gamer Goo

What are these gamers up to? They have special moisturisers? Well, I guess they have their needs.

Other than stopping sweat in its tracks, this Gamer Goo helps to improve grip as well.

I can’t find Gamer Goo on Amazon, but I guess you don’t want to indulge in his nonsense too much.

Any moisturiser will do.

What these gamers are gripping, I don’t really care. But if you want to buy your gamer boyfriend Gamer Goo, I suggest that you buy them some tissue as well.

So that if you decided to leave this wuss, he can wank himself to death in front of the monitor.

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