Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Let me make a wild guess. If you’re reading this, and you didn’t stumble onto this post without knowing why, I can assume you’re someone important in this whole pecking order business.

You are the boss, and you want to know what kind of gifts you should gracefully bestow upon your employees so that they will slog it out willingly for you for the next one year.

For being the Big Dick or Big Cunt, I salute you. Our great country was founded upon the enterprising spirit of the likes of you, and it is you who keep the wheels of our economy churning.

So what should you give to the suckers surrounding you so that they will work harder and give you a Ferrari?

Here’s a list of Christmas (2019) gift ideas for your employees, Chief!

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Employees #1: Mug Warmers

You’re only the boss because you’re a good taskmaster. But gone are the days when we can motivate our employees with a whip, like the Egyptian pyramid days.

Our motivational strategies must move with the times, and nothing beats a good-old caffeine addiction to get your employees hooked.

Your people work at their desks or machines all day, and it is inevitable that they will feel the doze setting in midway through the day. So how do you keep them awake such that you get your money’s worth of the paycheque you’re giving them?

Good Coffee!

And since nobody likes lukewarm coffee, it’ll be good if you can get them mug warmers as well, like those below.

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Employees #2: Chocolates

Some of those underlings of yours have a rather sweet tooth.

And that possibly explains why they are so fat, and why God told them to step aside when He created the world, since they were blocking the light.

For underlings with a sweet tooth, get them chocolates. And get them good ones, not the cheapo ones.

You need to show them who’s the boss: the person with the cash is the boss.

And of course, make sure that they are not allergic to nuts or anything that might trigger an attack.

If you so persist to give them such chocolates, at least make sure your employees gobble them at home, and not at the office.

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Employees #3: Gift Cards

You are the boss, and time is money.

You didn’t start a business to come up with Christmas (2019)(or any other year) gift ideas for your employees.

And since you really don’t want to think of them too much, the easiest and the fastest gifts you can get for them would be gift cards.

I am partial to Amazon gift cards, because I am an Amazon affiliate.

So who needs the fuss about what to get for those puny underlings of yours? You already have a ready-made solution for you.

Amazon Gift Cards.

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Employees #4: Personalised Office Supplies

You’re the boss, you’re the taskmaster and you’re the soul of the organisation.

Everything you do is about work.

If that’s you, the best gifts you can give your employees this Christmas would be office supplies.

But you don’t want to stress them too much. They don’t have your kind of backbone.

So to soften things a bit, perhaps just personalise the office supplies a bit?

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Employees #5: Tablets

There’s one thing about tablets: they’re God’s favourite. And that’s why He wrote the Ten Commandments on them.

I don’t know if He used the ones with iOS or if He preferred the Android version, but I’m pretty sure if you gave your employees tablets as gifts this Christmas, they will literally treat you like a god.

This Post is Not for Employees

If you’re an employee, which means you’re not the top honcho, this post is not for you.

You need to know your place.

To find out what serves as a good gift to your boss this Christmas of 2019, click here.

The other post is for you.

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