Valentine's Day 2020

When is Valentine’s Day 2020?

When is Valentine’s Day 2020? Do you know which day it falls on?

Valentine’s Day. The day for all lovers.

Those unattached to another soul find it a day of grief, sadness and melancholy; while those who have a significant other look forward to this wondrous day of love, passion and lots of sex.

Wait. Isn’t Valentine’s Day for friends as well? Isn’t it for other loved ones other than lovers? Like mums, dads, brothers, sisters etc.

Come on. Just save me the trash.

Don’t we have Mothers’ Day for mums, and Fathers’ Day for dads?

No matter what we say, Valentine’s Day 2020 or any other year is for lovers, and the extension of the like ~ like husbands and wives.

And Valentine’s Day 2020 falls on the 14th of February (for those who just came out of a cave) which so happens to be a Friday.

So love birds can go for a romantic date before proceeding to hot sex for the w(hole) weekend.

That’s what good lovers do…On Valentine’s Day

And since Top 5 Gifts is a responsible gift-recommendation website, I will do my part to suggest the best Valentine’s Day 2020 gifts for your boyfriends or girlfriends.

So stay tuned. More to come.

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