Christmas 2019 Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

Christmas (2019) gift ideas for co-workers who make your blood boil

If you work in an office or any similar setting, you’re probably going to want to keep relations between you and your co-workers positive.

If you aren’t getting along well with them, it can decrease productivity and you’ll be uncomfortable being around them for hours at a time.

When Christmas of 2019 comes around, you can bolster your co-worker’s spirits with some gifts that will surely put smiles on their faces.

You know why? Because they are cheapskates.

Message Boards as Christmas (2019) Gifts for Co-Workers

If your co-worker likes to decorate their space a lot, a simple message board could help him or her spruce it up.

You can get message boards with a backlit wall and a big supply of letters that will stick to the surface, so they (the co-workers) can make little inspirational messages on them (the message boards) and change them (the messages) whenever they (the co-workers, not the messages, not the boards) feel like it (whoever that is).

It can really add some fun to a typical desk space.

Plus, you can clandestinely leave messages on their message boards, cursing their father, mother, grandmother and grandfather.

Sand Art Pieces as Christmas (2019) Gifts for Co-Workers

Your co-worker might be a bit more of the artsy type, and if so, a sand art piece would be something they could always enjoy.

With sand art, you can flip it around like an hourglass and create a new piece of art whenever you want, or just keep it however you’ve found it if that’s what you prefer.

Lunch Containers as Christmas (2019) Gifts for Co-Workers

Bringing lunch to the office can be a bit of a hassle, since the containers tend to take up a lot of space.

If your co-worker struggles with lugging around all those lunch containers, get them some collapsible lunch containers.

Or you can buy them lunch.

These will expand to fit all of the food they need, then collapse and nest inside one another after they’re done to save tonnes of space.

You’d also be doing them a big favour as well, since they’re too poor to buy food (as well as a lunch container).

Foot Rests as Christmas (2019) Gifts for Co-Workers

It can get uncomfortable sitting at a desk all day long.

Not all night long.

One of the dangers of sitting at the desk all day long (not all night long) is poor circulation in the legs. This typical albeit unnatural sitting position doesn’t really allow for good blood flow, and that could cause pain in the leg (even pain in the ass) in the long run.

You can get your co-worker a good adjustable foot rest for them to keep under their desk, allowing them to sit in comfort and have good blood flow at the same time.

You might also get them a portable massager for their ass as well. And since we know that portable massagers tend to have more than one use, i.e. relax sore muscles, your co-worker might feel a sense of eternal gratitude to you for granting them a gift that helps them release tension from other parts of their bodies.

If you can get something that will make their blood boil, that will be great as well since that will make their blood flow better.

Desktop Gardens as Christmas (2019) Gifts for Co-Workers

For the co-worker with a green thumb, a little desktop garden could brighten their mood quite a bit.

A green thumb might also mean that your co-worker has alien blood in them, so perhaps stay away.

They require minimal maintenance, and come with nice little UV lights so that they can still thrive even without sunlight.

Adding that little bit of life can brighten a space and the mood of your fellow co-workers.

A Final Word about Co-Workers

Like it or not, we rub shoulders with our colleagues to an average of about ¾ s of a day. If we get on each other’s nerves, ¾ s of our day would be spent in living hell. Sometimes, a simple Christmas gift would smoothen that relationship, and make hell more bearable. In any case, if everything else fails, you can always get a foot massage.

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