Best Christmas (2019) Gifts for Boys

Best Christmas (2019) Gifts for Boys

The best 5 Gifts for Boys this Christmas of 2019

Boys. Those demonic-looking little bastards who run around screaming and knocking things over.

If you have a boy as your kid, my heart goes out to you. You didn’t know what you were getting into, did you? You’re screwed, friend.

In either case, if you’re tasked with the job of buying gifts for boys this Christmas of 2019, my apologies: your life sucks.

But it doesn’t have to stay this way. Here is the list of the best Christmas (2019) gifts for boys.

Best Christmas (2019) Gifts for Boys #1: Lego Sets

No boy childhood is complete without a Lego set.

These building block sets provide boys with tonnes of opportunity for either creative construction, or following the instructions and building a neat model.

For the more tech-savvy boys, you can even get sets like this with programmable motors, allowing them to code their own toys, which is both fun and very educational.

Who knows? You might be paving the way for their future careers as construction workers.

Best Christmas (2019) Gifts for Boys #2: Slime

One trend that has become increasingly popular with boys over time is slime.

The whole process of making it and playing with it allows them to have plenty of fun, though it might require a little bit of clean-up afterwards.

I mean, the mum is the one-woman clean-up crew, so mums, it sucks to be you.

But my suggestion to you is to cherish this phase of their growing-up process. Cos in no time, they’d be making their own slime.

You can get complete slime-making sets that give you all of the ingredients your boy needs in order to make their perfect, colourful slime, along with tools that help contain some of the mess.

Best Christmas (2019) Gifts for Boys #3: Science Kits

All good boys envision themselves to be the next scientist who will change the world, but the fact is, most of them will end up nowhere, if you’d just follow the numbers.

But it doesn’t hurt to imagine.

The best way for them to indulge in a little daydream? Science kits.

Generations of boys have grown up playing with science-related toys, thinking that they’d one day be an Einstein or Edison, with 75% of them ending up as pump attendants at gas stations.

I mean, just look at the bright side of things: at least they’re using the scientific knowledge gleaned from their science toys they’re at least dealing with gas.

Best Christmas (2019) Gifts for Boys #4: Art and Crafts

Arts and crafts are often a hit with girls.

But some boys enjoy them.

I don’t want to suggest what this might imply, but if your boy likes to make things like special bracelets, other forms of jewellery, sewing patterns etc… Well, these art and crafts items might be for them.

Best Christmas (2019) Gifts for Boys #5: R/C Toys

Finally, the ultimate boy toy: radio-controlled cars, boats, drones etc.

It has been all the rage since the 70s, I believe, but the choices keep getting better, with the drone being the darling of all boys today.

Today, some of these drones even come with a high-definition camera, allowing your boy to peep at the hot girl next door who’s in her undies. Where father-son bonding is concerned, nothing beats a drone with cam functions. So dads, what are you waiting for?

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