Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Top 5 Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Husband…to Come Back to You

Husbands. The man who promised to love and cherish you forever.

He was once your best friend until you irked him with your incessant nagging, and now he has made off to the arms of another woman who has trained herself to shut up.

You need hope, and this Christmas of 2019, give him something as a present to jolt his memory that you still exist.

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Husband #1: Golf Clubs

Golf. The game of the rich and wealthy, or the rich and wealthy wannabes.

If your hubby is one of those looking to get into the game, you can get him a good starting set of clubs.

If he’s already much vested in the game, you can get him fitted for new, more customised clubs.

If he’s a serious, more advanced player, you can always opt for a more expensive club, such as a driver or a wedge, that he might not splurge on otherwise.

In any case, he’s hitting balls on a grass patch, not competing in a rodeo in another woman’s bedroom.

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Husband #2: Suits

Maybe your husband is going to divorce you soon. And he’s going to walk down the aisle with the new sweetheart of his life.

Or he might need to attend a formal company dinner.

In any case, he will need a good suit to look his best.

A good suit can turn heads, and a lousy one can make him look like a waiter at the event, so if your hubby doesn’t already have one, getting him a nice suit that’s sized properly can mean night and day to his sleazy career as used car salesman.

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Husband #3: Smart Watches

Some of your hubbies might be on the more active side.

They like to get physical, and it’s not with you (LOL).

In that case, you might want to consider a smart watch.

Smart watches are cool and all the rage nowadays. Not only that, they come in different options.

For the cash-strapped, there are China-made brands (though everything is made in China) with a significantly lower price tag, though this option might be closed to you soon since our President is fighting a trade war with China, raising prices of everything in Walmart.

For those with bills to throw around, you can get something with more bite, like the Apple smart watches below.

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Husband #4: Wallets

A man’s wallet can get confusing sometimes.

It is because many men are hoarders. They hoard business cards, gift cards, membership cards, receipts etc.

Since you can’t make yourself useful most times, you might as well get something useful to make his life simpler, by getting him a high-quality, slim leather wallet.

He might take sympathy with you and put your picture in there.

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Husband #5: Grill

Finally, a good husband should have a good grill.

If he doesn’t have one already, spring for a nice, big grill that he can cook up all kinds of stuff on.

Along with the grill itself, you should also grab some of the necessary accessories, such as a spatula, brush cleaner, grill lighter, and so on.

And you won’t regret buying a grill for him either, since you’ll be cooking him on the grill in no time.

For men out there reading this, well, you’re not supposed to.

To know what to buy for your wife this Christmas, click here.

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