Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Dad

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Dad

Top 5 Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Dad

Talk about influence; your dad is probably the most influential person in your life.

Other than the fact that he made the gravest mistake by fathering you with his dragon seed, he has to toil the ground so that he can bring home the dough so that you don’t starve to death.

Well, Christmas is around the corner. Shouldn’t you, the ingrate, do something to show your appreciation to the man who screwed your mum so hard that you now exist?

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Guilty? Don’t be. Here are some Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Dad.

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Dad #1: Blueprint Decoration

If your dad is a big fan of tinkering and taking things apart, then a blueprint decoration could complete his garage or man-cave.

There are tons of blueprints framed up as decorations out there for all kinds of different things, from ballparks to the patents for golf equipment. Either way, you should be able to find something that your dad can hang high and nerd about.

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Dad #2: Fishing Gear

If women naturally have a thing about diamonds, dads naturally have a thing about fishing.

Thus, where gift ideas for Christmas are concerned, some solid fishing gear would be a great option for your dad.

Whether it be a rod or simply accessories like more bait, line, or hooks, a bundle of fishing gear is perfect. No matter what it is, he’ll probably need it at some point, since fishing accessories run out pretty quickly.

You have stressed your dad out for the bulk of your life; isn’t it time for you to give him a chance to decompress and take his mind off things for a little while?

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Dad #3: Tool Box

If your dad is the handyman type, he’ll certainly appreciate some new tools.

Dads often have a good set of common tools that they’re already invested into and familiar with, so try to go with some uncommon or somewhat obscure tools they would love, but might not splurge on for themselves, like… a chainsaw!

He would surely appreciate it as a gift!

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Dad #4: Work Shoes

Every good dad needs a proper pair of work shoes.

So if your dad ain’t good, you can safely ignore this post.

Most dads resort to using some common sneakers, but some good steel-toed work shoes can protect their feet from any stray falling tools or other debris – even if they only need them while working around the house in the yard.

They provide better stability on slippery or rocky surfaces, preventing any unwanted falls.

Christmas (2019) Gift Ideas for Your Dad #5: Sports Memorabilia

Finally, if your dad is a big sports fan, chances are he has at least some pieces of memorabilia.

It might be something as simple as a T-shirt or jersey, or something more displayable like a banner or a flag.

Either way, there’s probably something that he doesn’t have that you can get pretty cheap that will always put a smile on his face that he can either display or wear with pride.

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