Gift-Giving as Easy as X-Y-Z

Passion Turned Into Profession…

How my interests affect my writing.

Hello Earth, this is Richard Luslonger.

I love beautiful women, and I like to write for beautiful women.

As such, all the gift-giving ideas on this site have the women in mind; it’s either suggestions for guys to find good-enough gifts for women (since guys suck at that), or for women to find gifts for their male better-halfs who can be rather hard to fathom.

In either case, my writing can get a bit sensual, and downright crass. If you can’t handle that, please leave this site.

If you can, stay. I can promise you an entertaining read.

Father’s Day 2020 Gift Recommendations

Unconventional Gifts for Your (Sugar) Daddy

The COVID-19 Survival Recipe

The Irritating Virus Shouldn’t Put a Stop to Our Fun

Best to

Stay Home

It’s usually less crowded, unless you have surrounded yourself with lots of hot chicks.

Good to

Surf the Web

The Internet provides loads of fun, even if you have become an inactive observer, and not an active participant.

Definitely Good to

Read this Site

I can give you ideas about what to buy for yourself or your partner to tide you over such boring yet critical times.

And a Must to

Have Fun

What’s fun? For men, have fun with the women. For women, have fun with the men. If you have no”body” to have fun with, have fun with yourself.

Valentine’s Day 2020 Gift Recommendations

It might be over, but every day can be a Valentine’s Day.

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